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Justin Williams - Lead Designer

Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Other times you need to be right in the middle. There are even times when you need to walk the line. Though we're a very small company, we love producing big results, no matter what your need is. With extensive knowledge in many fields, we can be your "gopher" and complete almost any task you throw at us. We do operate on a SFW basis, and are a family oriented company. If your work needed is for adult oriented material (pornography, nudity, sexually graphic content, etc.) then we cannot help you. We do make exception for video games however, because we know there are many things in video games (such as violence) that is normal (Not sexually graphic content however). Our name sparks from a small text-based MMORPG project that Justin Williams (a.k.a. Koqlb) started long ago, and has since abandoned, making it open source. There were revolutionary things that hadn't been done in traditional MUDs before, such as game-to-web integration, and more. In 1999, we started designing logos, videos, audio production and advertising, custom graphics for T-shirts and press printing, and continued this in our future endeavors. Then in 2005, when MySpace was a huge fad, we started creating logos for bands, businesses, custom CSS templates for MySpace profiles, and more, as well as delving into web design further than just personal pages we made for customers before. In 2008, Justin Williams started having some regular clientel, and some of them had a big name (such as Saepio, Inc. which is now Brand Muscle, and Nelson Creative Works - one of the leading advertisers in the Kansas City Metro area). There were clients here and there, and the work varied from website administration, to graphic design, and even some IT work (server upgrades, software installation, computer software and hardware repair), and now we are here. With years in the field of technology and customer service, we look forward to fulfilling your needs and do everything we can to ensure that you have the best experience using us. We are integrating our site, and though we are under heavy construction right now, we are working on a full fledged store so you can select your revolutionary design package. Our name stands for our mission: Revolutionary design perceptions, and that's what we aim to do for you!

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When our store is complete, you can select your package, and be sure to contact us with your specific instructions using our contact form below. We will send you a confirmation e-mail to notify you of your instructions. When you do decide on your package, be sure to visit and answer our Introductory Questions FIRST so we know what your specific project details are. Our vision is your vision! Remember that!

Dec 12, 2018:

  • Business cards are now in! Check them out! Click the image below to see our new business card. If you wish to help us pass things out, you can get 20% off of contract prices! Mention it by filling out the contact form below and we'll get back to you in order to get your address information for mailing them to you!

  • Nov 02, 2018:

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    I'd hire him in a heartbeat again and am honored to give him a more than splendid review!

    B. Scott Nelson

    That looks amazing!

    Jim Vawter

    You are one of the hardest and best workers we have here!

    Chris Walker - FALCO

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