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Below is a form that we will ask some questions. If you would, please be sure to answer these by filling out and submitting this form BEFORE you purchase your package. This will help us get specific instructions (at least some basic ones) for what project you want, no matter what the project is. Mainly these apply to your package. If you are ordering custom PC building, then you will solely pay for the parts, shipping to us (we do NOT warehouse parts), the price we negotiate, as well as shipping the package to you (This will be discussed once your project is inquired by the delivery method carrier). Otherwise, please be sure to answer the questions below if this is a web project or graphic project.

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When our store is complete, you can select your package, and be sure to contact us with your specific instructions using our contact form below. We will send you a confirmation e-mail to notify you of your instructions. When you do decide on your package, be sure to visit and answer our Introductory Questions FIRST so we know what your specific project details are.

Client Testimonials

I'd hire him in a heartbeat again and am honored to give him a more than splendid review!

B. Scott Nelson

That looks amazing!

Jim Vawter

You are one of the hardest and best workers we have here!

Chris Walker - FALCO

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If you wish to hire me as a contractor for your company, or for personal hire, please fill out the following form. This form will send an e-mail to me and I will reply as soon as possible.